Doctor claims there’s only one way to get over a hangover – but it does work

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has revealed the only way to prevent a hangover from kicking in and of course, it involves more alcohol – but he doesn’t recommend doing it

Some people are blessed with the ability to sink more pints than an old navy ship, only to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. Some of us, however, aren’t quite so lucky.

Yep, many of us are so familiar with the painfully dry mouth, banging headache and queasy stomach combo after a night on the booze that we’d be surprised if we didn’t wake up with the hangover from hell.

But, while we’re united in suffering, everyone deals with their hangovers in different ways – some don’t move from the confines of their bed, others are straight on Deliveroo for the biggest McDonald’s breakfast order your bank account will allow.

According to one doctor, however, they’re all doing it wrong, because there’s only one true way to get over a hangover – but he absolutely doesn’t recommend it.

Chances are you’ll be familiar with the phrases ‘hair of the dog’ or ‘what makes you bad makes you better,’ and according to Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, they’re absolutely right.

The 73-year-old doctor from Aussie recently revealed that the only real way to get over a hangover is to consume more alcohol on his podcast Science with Dr Karl, but obviously as a medical professional, he doesn’t recommend people doing it every time they’ve got a bit of a rough head off one too many vinos.

“Unfortunately, a cure is just a bit of alcohol – the hair of the dog – which is a bad pathway to go down,” he said, before explaining that consuming more alcohol prevents the body from absorbing methanol, which is a toxic chemical found in booze, that happens to make you feel pretty terrible.

Instead, the body is busy coping with the new ethanol in the more recent alcohol being consumed, but of course, the body will eventually have to deal with the methanol, which means you’re only delaying your hangover, rather than getting rid of it.

In more practical terms, the best way to help your body deal with a hangover is to keep as hydrated as possible and make sure you catch up on your sleep. If you can handle some food, that can also be a great help too – time to get that Big Mac on the way.