Girl in hot water after spending £600 on mum’s phone but ‘she has good taste’

The mum was shocked when she got an invoice for £600 and had no idea why, but it emerged that her daughter had spent the money on camping equipment and Harry Potter toys

A young girl landed herself in hot water after spending £600 on camping equipment and Harry Potter toys while playing on her mum’s phone.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she let her eight-year-old daughter play on her phone and soon things went suspiciously quiet.

But she thought nothing of it, until later she received a bill from a ‘buy now pay later’ scheme, informing her that she owed around £600.

The bemused mum then checked the bill and found her daughter had managed to order a 10-man tent, an air mattress, pillows, blankets, pots, pans, cups, and many Harry Potter items while she was playing on her phone.

The mum, from Australia, shared the amusing story online – and added that thankfully she was able to cancel the order before she paid for it, as Daily Mail Australia reports.

She shared the bill, from department store Kmart, online, and soon other mum’s were laughing at the mishap.

One said: “Well I guess you learned a lesson and won’t let your eight-year-old play with your phone.”

A second user joked: “I would die, but at least you know she has good taste.”

Then some social media users questioned how an eight-year-old managed to make the payment, but one mum rushed to the woman’s defence.

She said: “I can’t believe people think her eight-year-old isn’t capable of this. My seven-year-old would be. It doesn’t take a genius.”

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