Mum ‘furious’ after mother-in-law gatecrashes holiday she wasn’t invited to

A mum-of-two was looking forward to spending time with on holiday with her husband and their kids, but was left fuming when her mother-in-law turned up unannounced

Although many of us wouldn’t admit it, holidays offer a great chance to escape some of the more irritating people in our lives and spend some time away from reality.

But what happens when the people you’ve been trying to catch a break from turn up unannounced?

One mum on Mumsnet has been facing that exact dilemma after she took her husband and their two daughters on holiday, only to find that her mother-in-law and her partner had booked a stay in the same hotel at the same time.

The mum-of-two insisted no one in her family can stand the mother-in-law’s new boyfriend and even her husband thinks his mum has been “out of order” by inviting herself on their quiet retreat.

She wrote: “I have just spent first night with my husband and daughters at our holiday hotel and got a text this morning from my mother-in-law saying she and her partner (who none of us can stand) had booked in and were joining us.

“I am furious – this has ruined it for me. My two daughters, who are teenagers, are pretty shocked. My husband thinks it’s out of order.”

The mum said her family haven’t contacted the mother-in-law since she arrived at the hotel, and they’re not sure how to carry on enjoying their holiday without bumping into her.

She added: “It’s been six hours since they arrived and we have not contacted them.

“I’m not sure how this is going to play out at all but not feeling good about it. Bit of a shame as we were really looking forward to the break.”

Commenters on Mumsnet were equally baffled, as they couldn’t believe the mother-in-law and her partner would barge in on the family’s holiday uninvited.

One person wrote: “I’m lost for words. I can’t even fathom why they would do that?!”

Another confused poster replied: “What would I do? Never speak to them again because this is weird and unbelievable.”

While a third tried to offer a solution, stating: “Maybe just politely explain that you go on holiday for a break from everything at home and that includes them.

“Perhaps suggest having a meal with them one night to sweeten the blow.”

The mum later posted updates on the situation, where she said she had “walked away” from a meal with the family after her mother-in-law’s partner behaved poorly in the restaurant.

And after doing her own thing for a while, the gatecrashers finally left – but not without stating they had “no clue” why the family was upset.

The mum added: “Today is not going well as her partner was behaving in his usual poor way in the restaurant and I just walked away. I have left the hotel and gone for a walk.

“She has apologised now, and I have replied and said that there are boundaries.

“She is behaving as if she has no clue why it would upset me which is highly convenient. I am seething at the moment.

“I have blocked her for the time being as well and will just get on with enjoying the rest of the week.”